Lively, respectful exchange

Lifting up others lifts everyone, including you

Trying to elevate yourself by putting others down doesn’t work; it only makes you look small.

There’s a reason for the saying “All boats rise with the tide.” Elevate others and you’ll discover something amazing: it elevates everyone, including you.

Want to look smart? Generous? Magnanimous? Publicly compliment someone else, share credit, elevate another. Stop looking for opportunities to “well, actually” and start looking for opportunities to grow yourself and others!

This shouldn’t be misconstrued to encourage flattery. Flattery is empty and self-serving; genuine appreciation is obvious and meaningful. Make your words mean something.

Blue skies and scalable systems…

About the author

Mark Heckler is a software developer & Principal Cloud Developer Advocate for Java/JVM Languages at Microsoft, conference speaker, Java Champion, and Kotlin Developer Expert focused on developing innovative production-ready software at velocity for cloud and edge computing platforms. He has worked with key players in numerous industries and public sector organizations to develop and deliver critical capabilities on time and on budget. Mark is an open source contributor and author of Spring Boot: Up and Running ( and can be found on Twitter @mkheck.

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