Talking microservices at muCon London 2017

I'm very pleased to share that I'll be speaking at muCon London 2017, delivering the following session:

Services Assemble! Apply MVP Principles to Create Cutting-Edge Microservices Without Chaos with Spring Cloud/Netflix OSS

The folks at muCon/Skills Matter asked that I share a few insights regarding my talk, thoughts on muCon, etc. by answering a few questions/inquiries. I'm happy to do so! With that in mind, here we go.

I am excited to be joining this year's MuCon where I will be sharing my thoughts on...

In a nutshell, how to quickly build microservices that contribute to meeting actual business objectives. No organization will dominate (or perhaps even remain) long if they don't focus and continually refocus upon creating available, scalable, & resilient systems at velocity that provide real business value. To allow and empower your team to do that, you have to leverage proven patterns and enablers: this session will introduce those, show you how they work, and demonstrate via live coding how quickly you can spin up a robust foundation for your microservices architecture.

The best thing about being part of the microservices community is...

The community's constant desire to improve and do better! This is not a group that accepts "acceptable". If there is a way to deliver better software faster to production, they want to know about it. How can you not love that?!?

At MuCon, I most look forward to learning about...

In accordance with the previous point, anything new! Not for new's sake, but for genuinely different perspectives that might improve our ability to (again) deliver better working software faster to production.

My talk will be enjoyed by...

Architects, developers, & technical managers who are considering or building microservices/microservice architectures or who are struggling with velocity, resilience, or managing complexity. After providing valuable context, I start from zero and live code a full portfolio of microservices, providing explanations throughout. If you understand systems at some level & need/want to know more about microservices, I think you'll like this talk.

I think the most anticipated/exciting development for the microservices world over the next 12 months will be...

There are some interesting trends and developments that show real promise, but the most exciting development is, in my opinion, reactive streams-based microservices. Most existing distributed systems spend a lot of time blocking - waiting for upstream services, underlying data stores, etc. - and while it's easy to reason about imperative systems that operate largely by issuing requests and awaiting responses, those systems are generally less efficient and in turn, less scalable. This isn't a problem in all cases, or even in the majority of cases...but adding reactive capabilities to your system(s) enables you to tackle those requirements where traditional systems falter. Reactivity isn't a golden hammer, but it is a great tool to have in your toolbelt.

We're doing some really interesting work in that regard at Pivotal, as are others in the industry. Here is a sneak peek:

And of course, there is much more! Ping me if you're interested. ;)

In conclusion

If you're in London 6-7 November, please join us at muCon! And do say hello...a session is a great way to get a conversation started, but it's no place to finish it. Hope to see you there!