Hello World!

Finding a new home

We've been writing various posts at our original site, TheHecklers.org, for some time now. I created that site using WordPress for several reasons, and it has been a solid performer over more than a few iterations.

As I have been increasing the frequency of my posts, I've found that the friction WordPress adds to my particular workflow decreases my productivity and production enough to be frustrating. Something had to give.

I've used Markdown & Asciidoc for quite some time now for much of my writing, and converting each post (manually, ugh) to a format that satisfies WordPress's formatting requirements was pretty time-consuming. I've wanted to give Ghost a go for awhile and have finally taken the leap.

So...we'll give this a try. After some initial quirkiness in setup, it all seems to fit really well with both my workflow and expectations. Time will tell, but thank you for joining us on this journey! And if you have feedback, please do let us know.

Happy reading,

NOTE: Both sites will remain live for the foreseeable future, but for the newest content, please follow/subscribe to this one. Thanks!